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13 new study tips for 2019!

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Studying can be a real drag and can often seem ineffective, especially if you aren’t doing it correctly! To save yourself time for doing fun things that aren't studying, here are some great tips.

Tip #1: Compile a study playlist.

By this, we do not mean the latest hits by your favorite singers as this will only distract you! Find some relaxing classical music that will help you to concentrate. It's super simple to find user-made study playlists on Spotify or Apple Music. This is especially useful if you need a bit of background noise to study to help you focus without your mind wandering.

Tip #2: Be Positive.

Simply having a positive attitude can do wonders for how much studying you are able to get done! Have a positive mindset and keep telling yourself that you can master the material. You will be amazed at how you are able to use your strengths to overcome even the most difficult subjects with time.

Tip #3: Study with other people.

Round up a few friends and study together! This combination of everyone’s skills and the group’s enthusiasm can really help you to master the work! However, choosing friends you are too close with may do more hurt than harm if you both can't stay on task.

Tip #4: Have a study timetable.

There is nothing worse than realizing that you have a test the next day and knowing that you haven’t opened a book yet! Avoid this by drawing up your own study timetable and do a little bit every day. This will help you to stay organized and to learn the work slowly (which is the best way to study)! Using a stopwatch or may be a little smarter than a phone as we all know how distracting they can be.

Tip #5: Create a quiet place to study.

One of the most important things about studying well is to have a quiet and private place in which to study. This can really be anywhere: in your bedroom, in an alcove in your home or at the library. This place should have no distractions and should be comfortable enough for you to sit there for a long time. You can also try listening to white noise through headphones to block out loud sounds.

Tip #6: Take regular breaks.

Nobody is Superman so it goes without saying that it is impossible to study properly without taking regular breaks. Even if the break is a short walk outside or chilling on the couch for 10 minutes, this will refresh your mind and improve your memory.

Tip #7: Set realistic goals.

Setting realistic goals can take a lot of pressure off you when you study. For example, if you are currently getting a “D” for math and your goal is to get an “A+” in your next test, you are probably setting an unrealistic goal. Rather aim for something a little higher like a “C”. You will be surprised at how well you do!

Tip #8: Use the technology around you.

Studying should not just be done with a pen and paper (although these items are essential for studying well). Check out some useful online study tools, learning apps and blogs to see which method can help you, as an individual, to study better. For example is a simple way to quiz yourself online. Try not to get off task, though. You can use services like to block out distracting websites.

Tip #9: Ask your teachers for help, if needed.

It is no good struggling to study something if you simply cannot understand the work. Instead, ask your teachers for help and you may be very surprised at how easy the work just became! If your teacher isn't available you may find answers on or

Tip #10: Get creative with your work.

If you have ever tried to study a long list of boring facts, you will know how long and frustrating this can be! Why not try to remember the work by turning it into an interesting story that you will definitely remember? Make up a crazy, funny story and you will be more likely to remember it on the day of the test!

Tip #11: Celebrate your victories!

It doesn’t matter how small your victory is (it may be that your Social Studies mark has improved by only 1 grade), celebrate your achievements! Yeah... maybe not with a cupcake every time, but even the act of celebration will help your brain associate happiness with studying. The more positive you are about your studies, the better you will do and the more fun you'll have doing it!

Tip #12: Have a healthy balance.

As a student, you should regularly check to see if you are studying too much or too little and then do something about it. This also applies to the amount of sleep you get, how you eat and how much exercise you do. If you have a healthy balance, you will be more likely to succeed in your studies!

Tip #13: Test yourself.

Wondering how you will do on your next test? Why not take a few quizzes to see if you know the work well enough. However, don't do them on paper or in a stressful environment. We recommend as a fun and easy way to get started creating up your multiple choice practice tests.

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